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Choosing our physiotherapy can be your first step on the path to wellness.

When you are suffering from persistent discomfort in areas of your body, the first solution you reach for might be a bottle of painkillers. While these might numb the pain temporarily, what if there were a way to prevent the issue altogether? Here at Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we do just that every day! Our physical therapy clinic helps people to stop their pain at the source, not with painkillers or surgery, but with beneficial strengthening exercises, massage and other techniques. If you have been looking for an option that will keep you strong and mobile, we suggest you try out our physiotherapy!

Physiotherapy in Davidson, North Carolina

Physiotherapy and physical therapy are two terms that can, in many cases, be used interchangeably. Physiotherapy works to help patients with issues such as joint mobility, tissue and muscle stiffness, recovery from injuries or surgery and even prevention or treatment of painful ailments. Through many different techniques, including things like muscle massage, dry needling, specified and prescribed exercises, and hands-on care, our physical therapists can aid your recovery or start you on the path to wellness.

Our team is able to treat you using a wide variety of methods that we believe will aid in your care. We have treatments that help you get to the actual cause of your pain, rather than just masking the symptoms. Our physiotherapy options can treat things like back pain, neck pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, fibromyalgia, concussions, arthritis and much more. Instead of suffering and finding partial relief from painkillers, we want to help provide you with lasting relief through our variety of successful and proven treatments. If you are in the Davidson, North Carolina area and would like more information or to make an appointment, please contact us today.

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer physiotherapy for patients from Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, North Carolina.