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We offer customized and personalized back pain treatment plans based on your situation.

Your spine is a column of vertebrae that is held together with ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Your spine is also cushioned by discs that absorb shock when you move and twist your body. Your back is also a key part of every movement you make, whether you’re bending to pick something up or lifting a heavy object. Even sleeping or sitting in an uncomfortable position can cause discomfort, which can be difficult to overcome. Many people deal with back pain on a regular basis, but it’s something that can impact your overall health and well-being. It’s tough to even stand up or sit down when your back is sore, let alone participate in physical activity.

Back Pain Treatment in Cornelius, North Carolina

If you’re looking for a provider of back pain treatment serving those in the Cornelius, North Carolina area, contact our team at Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy. We offer customized and personalized back pain treatment based on your situation. When we treat back pain, we get to the root cause of the discomfort and address the problem at the source. Since back pain can be caused by a number of different issues, we want to make sure we’re finding what is causing your back to hurt and get it resolved as effectively as possible.

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, our team is led by a certified athletic trainer who has been in the industry for years. We deliver individualized treatment for each patient who visits our clinic, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best plan based on your needs.

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer back pain treatments for patients from Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, North Carolina.


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