Custom Orthotics, Cornelius, NC

Custom orthotics can get you back in the game by improving the alignment between your foot and ankle.

Suffering with a foot imbalance isn’t something anyone wants to do, regardless of whether you are very active in sports or not. If you are an avid runner or wanting to train for a marathon, having an alignment issue can make you wonder if you should find another passion. Here at Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we deal with a wide variety of conditions that can affect not only getting the exercise you need or enjoying a favorite sport, but almost every aspect of your life.

Custom Orthotics in Cornelius, North Carolina

With custom orthotics, we may be able to help you with such conditions as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, flat feet, shin splints, low back pain, high arches, or Achilles tendonitis that have you sitting on the sidelines. We want to get you back in the game with custom orthotics that get you back into proper alignment between your foot and ankle to the most anatomically efficient position possible.

We have made it our duty to assist as many people in the Cornelius, North Carolina area as we can become pain-free by making customized changes to overcome injuries and other conditions. We would love to schedule a consultation for you so we can assess whether custom orthotics could maximize your physical ability and enhance your sports performance. Let us be a part of returning your body to its full potential.

If you have any questions about custom orthotics and wonder if they could be the solution for the condition or pain that you are experiencing, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer custom orthotics for patients from Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, North Carolina.