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Custom orthotics are created based on your specific concern and other factors for an optimal pain and discomfort solution.

It can be surprising to our patients here at Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy how many pain, fatigue, and discomfort symptoms originate due to a problem with the feet. If you do not have a proper functional position when you walk, jog, or run, it can put added stress on your ligaments, muscles, joints, bones, and tendons. When you come to our sports & physical therapy center, we start with a thorough evaluation and examination to review the origin of your symptoms. From there, we develop a treatment plan for our patients in the Cornelius, North Carolina area that may include orthotics.

Orthotics in Orthotics in Cornelius, North Carolina

You have probably noticed over-the-counter orthotics in various locations, including kiosks at some shopping centers. While these can provide some relief for general foot discomfort, heal pain, arch pain, and to some degree, back pain, customized orthotics based on your level of activity, height, weight, foot structure, and more will give you optimal benefits. It is like getting a prescription for eyeglasses instead of using store-bought reading glasses that aren’t fine-tuned to your vision deficit.

If you have tried the non-custom version of orthotics and have not experienced relief from your discomfort, we recommend contacting us to schedule an appointment to be assessed for custom orthotics. We can also work with you if your foot pain is due to diabetes or another medical condition that is covered by Medicare insurance or other medical coverage that covers a portion of specialty shoes and orthotics. Call today with any questions you might have about orthotics.

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer orthotics for patients from Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, North Carolina.


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