Knee Pain, Davidson, NC

Let us help with your persistent or recent knee pain problems.

The knee is not the most stable of all the joints, but it is one that we use frequently. Because the knee is basically tethered together with ligaments and tendons, it often doesn’t take much to end up with an injured knee. Knee problems are common amongst athletes and non-athletes alike, and we here at Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy want to help you with your knee pain, no matter the cause.

Knee Pain in Davidson, North Carolina

When you work with a physical therapist and certified sports trainer, you are getting the advantage of working with experts in movement and physical function. We work with our patients one-on-one to not only find the source of your knee pain, but also look at ways that we can treat or even eliminate future issues. We work with athletes to help them recover from knee injuries, but our non-athlete patients benefit from our services as well. Even non-athletes can benefit from learning how to move properly, strengthen the muscles around the knee and train their body to move and perform at an optimal level.

We have a variety of treatment options when it comes to knee pain, including a Runner’s Rehab option for those looking for treatment for the famous “runner’s knee” pain. We also have options that can include physical therapy, dry needling, orthotics and other services to give you the best chance at recovery. For treatment of your knee pain in Davidson, North Carolina, contact us today!

At Mooresville Sports & Physical Therapy, we offer knee pain treatments for patients from Mooresville, Davidson, and Cornelius, North Carolina.